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How to Make Your Store POP with Wall Graphics

We are excited to launch Brick by Brick, a new series dedicated to operating and improving brick-and-mortar spaces. We’ll be sharing how-to videos, tips and more based on our experiences that we hope will be helpful for any business.

Our first episode is all about using wall graphics to add color, branding and style to your store. It’s a simple, easy and cost-effective way to give your store a first-class look. Check out the video and keep reading for more information on how to add graphics to your store!

Getting Started

The first step is to determine where you want your graphics. Wall graphics can be used anywhere but to get the best look we recommend a smooth, flat surface. We frequently use graphics on the wall behind the cash wrap. It's a great place to add color and branding. We also like to use to break up long walls between fixtures and define highly visible display areas. Once you've identified the placement, measure to understand the size and scale of the graphics needed to cover the desired area.

Designing and Printing

You can use wall graphics to add texture, pattern, color, branding, messaging and more. You can put together your own design like we did in the video or you can outline your ideas to any print shop who can mock up a design for review before printing. Wall graphics are typically printed on large format printers and there are a variety of adhesive-back options.

We typically use an adhesive-back fabric based paper that is removable and repositionable because it doesn't damage the walls and it's easy to install. This is a great option if you are a pop-up shop or in a short-term space. However, the print shop you work with will recommend materials based on your specific needs.


The ease of install will depend on the material you've selected for printing. We demonstrated how easy it is to install graphics yourself in the video but you can hire an installer if you prefer. If you are using a permanent vinyl where you have one shot to get it right you may want to have a professional installer and most print shops are able to do this type of installation.

We always recommend installing on a smooth, flat surface. It's important to wipe down the walls to remove any dust prior to install. If the walls have recently been constructed or painted, allow the paint to cure for at least 30 days before installing any graphics to ensure proper adhesion.

Best Practices

We've installed graphics in spaces and properties that have lasted for more than 5+ years with proper install. A great tip for ensuring the longevity of your graphic is to frame the edges so a curious customer can't peel or pick the edges of the print. It also provides a finished look, adds dimension and texture to the flat surface.

Wall graphics are a low-cost way to get creative in your space, draw customers inside and create a memorable experience. Be sure to connect with us on social for more ideas on how to make your brick and mortar space pop!


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