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Welcome, Nice to Meet You!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The American Dream Project is run by Hull Property Group, a retail real estate company, to encourage small business success across America by connecting entrepreneurs with brick-and-mortar spaces. Our team is comprised of marketing, design and real estate professionals that have a passion for working with small businesses. Here's our story...

We started this journey in 2019. We began to see more big brands face financial troubles and close stores in small towns as they struggled to keep up with changing consumer demands and online competition. But, where national retailers were struggling, local businesses were thriving. Many started in their homes, built followings online, were well supported by the community and needed space to grow.

We found ourselves with several beautiful space across our portfolio after a large retailer filed for bankruptcy. Seeing the empty storefronts with fixtures intact, we thought of what an opportunity this would be for a new business. We put together our first pop-up contest and met all sorts of small businesses - both those thinking of trying a storefront for the first time and existing businesses intrigued with how they would do in a bigger or second location.

From there we grew beyond those first pop-up shops figuring out more ways we could help connect entrepreneurs with physical spaces by reducing the barriers, misconceptions and risks sometimes associated with opening a storefront.

We're continually inspired by the people behind the business - the entrepreneur, the maker, the small business owner building their brand - whether it’s their first business or fifth. Their creativity, drive and entrepreneurial spirit defines the American dream and is an exciting future for brick-and-mortar.


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